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The Use Of Acetyl Triethyl Citrate

Acetyl triethyl citrate is widely used in food packaging, medical equipment, children's toys and other requirements of top PVC products. 

Acetyl triethyl citrate can also used for organic synthesis of intermediates, additives and emulsifiers of cosmetics, the injured skin can play a therapeutic role in the skin cuticle to prevent the evaporation of ultraviolet light to protect the skin with moisturizing and physiological elasticity; for the tobacco industry can absorb the smoke generated when burning cigarettes HCN, thereby reducing the toxicity of smokers, and can maintain the toughness of cigarettes without being broken; other as a protein-containing liquid foam remover, footwear deodorant, paper fragrance Additives, rubber industrial processing anti-scorching agent, lubricants and pressure anti-friction agent, PVC resin smoothing agent.

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