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pvc profile production with external formula lubricant relation

         pvc profile production with external formula lubricant relation

PVC profiles are more mechanical indicators, there are stable performance, horn strength, cold, anti-aging, flatness, color, appearance and other test indicators, especially plasticizing effect is essential, in addition to a suitable stabilizer, modified External and external formula lubrication is very large, the lubricant is too large, the angle welding strength, cold red indicator decreased significantly, serious will cause the profile door cabinet weld crack, can not meet the standard; slip agent is too small, affecting the stability effect. Therefore, the production of PVC products in addition to meet the needs of the quality of the lubricant, the lubrication system is very critical, plastic processing requirements at the same time outside the formula and process conditions, the appropriate processing temperature, in order to fully ensure that products to achieve the desired state.

For different manufacturers of stabilizers, the lubrication system vary widely, more changes, especially calcium and zinc, due to the use of the main stabilization system heat-resistant, by excessive lubrication to compensate and balance the overall system; To this end, Production of stabilizer, must be fully considered, the best understanding of the original stabilizer and the actual situation of the formula, in the alternative to find the appropriate additives and the recipe, process conditions.

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